Welcome to Trusty, the secure and protected internal reporting channel of Camping Ametlla (hereinafter: the organization) for communicating information on suspected breaches within the organization.

The usage of this web application is confidential and you are not required to disclose your identity, should you wish to remain anonymous. For details on procedures regarding internal reporting and follow-up please refer to the organization’s policies and the applicable national law.

When you access the “Reporting Channel” you will see two options:

1. Make a report

The report should be made in good faith. Please note, mandatory questions are marked with an asterisk (*) and you will not be able to proceed without filling in the respective fields.

VERY IMPORTANT: After submitting the report, your username and password will be automatically generated and displayed on your screen. Please write them down as you will need them to enter your inbox and follow up on your report.

2. Your inbox

Here you can follow the status of your report, including confirmation of its receipt, continue secure communication with and receive feedback from the organization.

This is the access to make a report or to use your inbox:

This application is not a part of the website or intranet of the organization. The application is managed by Trusty AG and is hosted on secure external servers.

This is not an emergency service. Please contact the relevant authorities (like police) in case of immediate danger!

Consulta la disponibilitat i el preu (abril, maig, juny o setembre)