• Camping Ametlla is a private compound. Only customers can access or use the facilities.
  • Your visual identification is essential through the bracelet that will be given to you upon arrival. The person holding the reservation is liable for their behaviour as well as the behaviour of the rest of occupants registered in their unit of accommodation.
  • To book an accommodation at Camping Ametlla you must be over 18 years of age. The presence of a minor in the facilities must always be under the supervision of an adult who will be liable for his security and for the damages he might cause during their stay.
  • Camping Ametlla reserves the right of admission to the facilities.


  • The check-in time for the pitch is from noon, at 1 PM if you have an Express Check-in. If your reservation is for a bungalow or mobile home, we assure you they will be ready from 4 PM, with the possibility that if we have the accommodation ready before this time we will give you the keys, otherwise you can use the camping facilities until we have the accommodation ready.
  • Upon check-in, the accommodation contract holder has the obligation to declare all the occupants and elements subject to any applicable fee, present the required documentation and make the full payment of the accommodation, including the tourist tax established by law.
  • Camping Ametlla reserves the right to request, upon check-in, 100 €, to be paid by bank card, as a security deposit to cover any damages or excessive costs caused by the inappropriate state of the accommodation once vacated.
  • The pitch, on the day of departure, must be left before noon. Then you will have to leave the camping facilities.
  • A bungalow or mobile home, must be vacated before noon and be left clean and tidy. The security deposit will be refunded once checked that the state of the accommodation is correct. That means that all the furniture should be in its original place, that rubbish has been thrown away at the recycling point and that there isn’t any broken or missing elements. Immediately after, you must hand over the accommodation’s key to the reception staff.
  • Customers who want to leave before 7 AM will have to park in the parking at the entrance before midnight the day before.
  • In the case of departure, in both cases it is at noon, with the possibility of requesting the Late Check Out (departure until 7 PM), with the corresponding charge and depending on availability on the day of departure.


  • Camping Ametlla gives you, at the time the reservation is made or upon check-in, the possibility to choose the number of your accommodation; for this reason it is strictly prohibited to occupy an accommodation different from the assigned in the contract without the explicit consent from the reception staff. If you don’t know the campsite, it is recommended to choose on arrival. For express check-in conditions, contact [email protected] in advance.
  • Management reserves the right, in those cases they consider it necessary, to modify the accommodation chosen by the customer.
  • For security reasons, you are not allowed to exceed the maximum occupancy permitted for each accommodation.


  • To have better control of the number of people in our establishment, external visits will not be allowed within the facilities of Camping Ametlla.


  • To maintain the social harmony within Camping Ametlla facilities, our staff may take disciplinary actions to:
    – Ensure silence during quiet hours from midnight to 7 AM.
    – Limit the volume of equipment that makes noise and/or music.
  • It is mandatory to respect and follow the indications given by the security team and the lifeguards.
  • It is forbidden to reserve the sun loungers.
  • Any socially unacceptable behaviour, such as robberies, larcenies, disorderly conduct, verbal and/or physical violence, discriminatory expressions, frauds, swindles, being under the effect of alcohol, as well as non-compliance with these regulations or any rules stated with signs or posts, may imply the mandatory intervention and the implementation of actions that may lead to the termination of your stay without any financial compensation or reimbursement.


  • Within the facilities, the speed limit for any type of vehicle is 10 km/h. Pedestrians always have priority.
  • To respect the rest of the families staying at the facilities, it is not permitted to drive a motor vehicle between midnight and 7 AM.
  • To reduce unnecessary gas emissions, avoid leaving your car idling.


  • All reservations at Camping Ametlla include a parking space per accommodation in the car park without any additional cost. Customers can ask for a second “extra vehicle” access, subject to the current rate.
  • For camping accommodations, vehicles must be parked inside the pitch, avoiding the occupation of adjoining pitches or roads.


  • All pitch reservations include the use of electricity. The facility provides electrical junctions boxes to be shared by adjoining pitches. Each pitch has its own electric hook-ups and it is not permitted to hook-up into other costumer’s mains.


  • In the camping area, the use of gas or charcoal barbecues is allowed as long as safety precautions are taken. Light up your barbecue at least 1.5 metres away from any flammable object and respecting the flora and fauna of the environment.
  • At the bungalows or mobile homes, the use of gas or charcoal barbecues is allowed only outdoors. Under no circumstances you can light up your barbecue on the wooden flooring or under the porch or the awning. You must keep your barbecue at least 1.5 metres away from any tree, bungalow or flammable object.
  • The use of highly flammable liquid products is forbidden.


  • All water from the tap and fountains is drinkable.
  • It is not allowed to bathe pets in the toilets. There is a shower designed for this purpose behind the supermarket.
  • For food safety reasons, it is forbidden to discharge sewage outside the chemical toilets located at each one of the sanitary areas.


  • Camping Ametlla is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal belonging not stored properly.
  • There is an action protocol for lost property. During your stay and having lost a personal belonging, you must talk to the staff at reception. Should you miss your belonging once you have left, you must contact [email protected], and we will provide you with more information on the procedure. These objects will only be kept for a maximum of 15 days.
  • We recommend you to always use a lock when parking your bicycle either at the accommodation or at bicycle parking rack.
  • The establishment does not take responsibility for the objects of value that each client disposes of in their allotment. The campsite offers a safe deposit box service in which each client can deposit their valuables.


  • The management of Camping Ametlla is not liable for any eventual case of theft, robbery, accident or damage to any person or element made by a third party.
  • Likewise, Camping Ametlla is not responsible for damages due to fires caused by the campers themselves, damages derived from meteorological phenomena and other natural phenomena or any other cause beyond the control of the company.
  • In case of emergency, the indications of the camping staff and the security service will be followed.


  • Camping Ametlla cares for animals’ well-being and for all living beings in general.
  • We allow dogs in the camping area accommodations. We promote Pet Friendly policies, letting them access most of our facilities, except from the areas restricted by health legislation like swimming pools, toilets, playgrounds and food shops.
  • Potentially Dangerous Dogs must:
    – Be kept on a short lead (less than 2 meters). – Always wear a muzzle.
    – Be walked by a person over 16 years old.
  • All animals must be notified at the time of check-in. The stay is subject to the payment of the rate.
  • Dogs should not be left alone on the pitches and outside them they must always be on a leash.
  • Pet owners are responsible for their hygiene and they are also responsible to clean up after their pet.


  • According to its sustainability policies, has resources and measures for the preservation of the environment.
  • To ensure a good outcome, the active participation of everyone is needed. It is important to use the recycling points properly, also the conservation of energy resources and the reduction of materials or environmental contaminants like plastic or air emission.


  • This internal regulation is subject to change. You can review it at campingametlla.com
  • The management of Camping Ametlla reserves the right to terminate the stay of individuals infringing the regulation.