From 2 to max 5 people.

A bedroom wooden bungalow with a large bed, bathroom (shower), main room with a kitchen, and a porch. With TV and air conditioning.

With partner or friends



Choose your style


Discover the exciting world of diving!

We strictly follow the PADI standards dividing our DSD program in different sections:

First a Briefing, to know all you need to know to have a very easy confortable experience.
Then, some skills in a confined environment, to learn how to breath underwater and be at ease with the gear.
And finally the dive, from the shore, to swim around and enjoy 100% the underwater world.

Includes full diving gear and insurance.



Weekend under the sea

The departure will be by boat from the Ametlla de Mar to 1 mile away and the depth will vary according to the dive between 12, 18, 24, 31 and 50m.

Ships sunk to 24 or 31m (among them the ship Cavour of the 1st world war that is 50 meters deep and has 100m of length).

Rock reefs where the typical Mediterranean fauna lives, moray eels, conger eels , and posidonia meadows.

Includes diving guide bottles and leads.

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