The 5 types of visitors we get in Camping Ametlla. Which do you think you are?

August 2022

It is possible that when you read this article you will not identify fully with any of the types of campers we describe, but you will probably see some part of yourself reflected in most of them. In any case, we wanted to pay our particular tribute to the most important part of our campsite, which is you. What type of visitor do you most identify with?

1. Groups of friends with small children

They have been planning this getaway with their friends for months. They are looking forward to the holidays to take a break from the stress of everyday life. But the WhatsApp group is buzzing: menus have to be prepared, timetables arranged, activities planned… Everyone has their own routines and it is difficult to harmonise all their different timings. They usually gather on a pitch to enjoy meals together but always end up visiting the restaurant. And, finally, the long-awaited moment arrives: our entertainment team takes care of the little ones so that the grown-ups can enjoy a moment of complete relaxation, sipping on the best beer of the year.

2. Couples with children

These are young couples with children who tend to go for the bungalows to enjoy a holiday with every possible comfort. Their daily routine consists in resting, going to the gym to start the day with energy, going to the beach and the swimming pool, eating well and enjoying the shows put on by our entertainment team. They are easy to spot because at dinner time they can be seen walking around the campsite in their finest clothes. After dinner, they’ll enjoy a mojito then head back to the bungalow to rest.

3. Young childless couples with dogs

They are the ones whose enjoyment of the camping experience is the most genuine. No timetables, no rush… and with your dog always at their side. They usually come with a van or a caravan and stay for 3-4 days on average. They love nature and every day go on a different excursion in the campsite’s incomparable surroundings. They document their stay with professional photographs and use their breaks to read, rest or simply chat.

4. Seniors in motorhomes

They have probably been through all the previous stages at some point or another of their lives. They love the camping life and are always on the lookout for the latest developments in the motorhome market. They know exactly which pitch is the best and ask us for it at reception 😉 They love camping but are also always looking for activities in the area to round off their stay. They often plan their holidays by making stops at several campsites, and we are delighted every time they choose to make ours one of their stops.

5. Entire families who arrange their annual meet-up at the campsite

We are talking about a group that comprises all the members of the family: grandparents, children, cousins, etc. These holidays are the moment when they all get together and enjoy each other’s company without rushing. They stay in a mix of accommodations, motorhomes, caravans, tents, etc. Due to the generational variety, we can see them spread throughout the different areas of the campsite: those with small children in the swimming pool, teenagers playing football, brothers-in-law playing paddle tennis and grandparents who can’t resist going to the beach. By the end of the week-long holiday, they are already planning when to come back next year. 

Whatever your style, we love to have you visit us, and we strive year after year to make sure your stay is the best experience of the year. So, what kind of camper are you?