The pleasure of camping when it's not summer

Septembre 2022

Camping is not only a summer activity. Even though most campers choose the summer season to go camping, the truth is that spring and autumn are also perfect moments in which to enjoy some unforgettable time off.

June, July and August accumulate the largest number of bookings in most campsites, especially those that are on the coast. There are several reasons for this:

Firstly, it is the time of year par excellence for taking holidays from work. With the exception of a few specific sectors, most people will want to enjoy some days off during the summer to recharge their batteries. What’s more, for families with children it is the perfect moment as it brings together all the different ways in which one can disconnect, be it resting or through activities.

The weather is also a key factor, as the sweltering heat of the last few summers makes going somewhere with a pool, as is the case of most campsites, a safe bet for children and grown-ups alike. Besides, many people seek out a lively atmosphere with a wide range of leisure activities, and summer is a time when campsites tend to have entertainment teams working full time to provide as much fun and leisure as possible. 

Despite that, months like April, May, September or October also have a number of advantages that campers appreciate and that explain the current trend toward de-seasonalising campsite occupancy. Let’s take a look at them.

1. More moderate temperatures. 

Though there is a slightly higher chance of rain, the sunny days and pleasant weather always make camping a tempting option. The humidity drops and the sweltering heat of the summer vanishes with it. And what if it rains? Pull on a sweater, put on your hood and enjoy the fresh breeze that is one of nature’s greatest gifts. What’s more, you don’t have to constantly cover yourself in insecticide, as mosquitoes aren’t around at this time of year.

2. Looking for peace and quiet? 

The summer is abuzz with activities and campsites are no exception. Campers looking for peace and quiet tend to prefer spring and autumn for this reason. And beyond the premises of the campsite, these are the moments when you can have the beach all to yourself. You will find natural spaces, restaurants and leisure activities with a more relaxing atmosphere.

3. More affordable prices

In spring and autumn, there is a wider range of prices and offers to choose from. If you want to enjoy the same services at a better rate, avoid going on holiday during the high season. 

4. More available accommodations

No matter whether you have your own accommodation (tent, caravan, mobile home, etc.) or are staying in one of the campsite’s accommodations, in these months you will always have more chances of booking your favourite pitch or the bungalow with the facilities that most suit you needs. 

5. More authentic experiences

And, why deny it, with most people returning to their routines, at these times of year you can get a more authentic feel of the towns, cities and regions you explore.

Whatever your preference, we invite you to discover Camping Ametlla at different times of the year to continually live new experiences and different sensations.