Three must-see coves in l'Ametlla de Mar

May 2022

Few sensations are comparable to that of enjoying a refreshing dip in one of the idyllic coves in l’Ametlla de Mar. 16 kilometres of Mediterranean coastline where the beaches, vegetation and climate form a trio that is hard to beat. Those of you who have already been there know what we’re talking about.

For those visiting us, we would like to present the three coves closest to Camping Ametlla, suitable for discovering on your own, with friends or family. They are our favourite spots, where time stands still and everything seems to make sense.

1. Santes Creus Cove

Cala Santes Creus en l'Ametlla de Mar
Santes Creus Cove in L'Ametlla de Mar

Less than 5 minutes’ walk from Camping Ametlla, you will find Santes Creus cove, a small wild paradise with a high ecological value, where human intervention is almost non-existent. The natural environment encompassing Santes Creus cove is incomparable, as in addition to the typical Mediterranean flora and fauna that surrounds it, there is also a lagoon which has been included in the Plan for Protected Areas of Natural Interest. It is a truly magical and enchanting place that you will definitely want to visit again.

2. Llenya Cove

Cala Llenya a l'Ametlla de Mar
Llenya Cove in l'Ametlla de Mar

This is a beautiful and quiet rocky cove surrounded by pine trees and footpaths that stands out for being a virgin space with hardly any crowds. Also next to Camping Ametlla and framed by picturesque red cliffs, Llenya cove is the ideal place to bathe in crystal-clear waters and soak up nature in its purest form. If you like snorkelling, we recommend that you take your equipment and go for a dive. You will not be disappointed!

3. Port Olivet Cove

History lovers will find their perfect spot at Port Olivet cove. If you leave Camping Ametlla and head northeast following the coastal path on route GR 92, in about 20 minutes you will reach this cove consisting of fine sand and small rocks. But the most outstanding feature of Port Olivet cove is the set of fortifications from the Civil War, consisting of an artillery bunker that stretches all the way to Estany beach.

Other than these 3 coves, there are many more to be discovered with different characteristics, sizes and environments. You may need to walk further to find them but that comes highly recommended if you want to discover all the natural and scenic wealth of the l’Ametlla de Mar coastline.