Swim among tunas
Beaches nestling among the woods
Take the plunge with Ametlla Diving

Short excursions

Camping Ametlla is located by the sea, with direct access to two coves, in a place of natural beauty and with an enviable climate, near Port Aventura and the Ebro Delta.

In our fully equipped bungalows you can enjoy getting back to nature but combined with the comforts of home. And you can play sport, relax or simply enjoy the surroundings at our comprehensive facilities. Open all year long.

Com arribar al Camping Ametlla
Cool down at the pools
Hiking by the sea
Enjoy L'Ametlla de Mar

Emotion and pleasure

Camping Ametlla is the ideal setting for a weekend break or holiday. If you like hiking near the sea. If you want to try out sub aqua or go for another dive. If you love tasting the local cuisine and good wine.

At Terres de l’Ebre you can enjoy canoeing, canyoning, paddleboarding, cycling and much more. The staff at Reception have details on the companies providing adventure sports with the best offers for an unforgettable experience.

Choose your accommodation

Packs for friends or a couple

Pack Tuna Tour

Stay 1 or 2 nights and Tuna Tour

Enjoy a unique experience swimming with tuna

Bungalow with 2 bedrooms kitchen-living room, bathroom andi terrace , A/A and TV


Bungalow Diving Experience

Initiation or experienced

From 2 to max 5 people

A bedroom wooden bungalow with a large bed, bathroom (shower), main room with a kitchen, and a porch. With TV and air conditioning.

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Camping Ametlla

Tel. +34 977 267 784 info@campingametlla.com

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